Intellifin - Tax Disputes

Tax dispute resolution

‘Disputes with SARS seem almost a natural concomitant of business operations. In line with SARS’s increased focus on collections, disputes are on the increase. We provide clients with expert assistance in resolving disputes with SARS, whether it’s a simple issue of objecting to assessments or entering into formal alternative dispute resolution processes.’

Objections and Appeals

We have vast experience in handling the entire objection and appeal process on behalf of clients, whether it is in relation to a tax assessment issued by SARS or an administrative action taken by SARS (for instance, a decision not to remit penalties levied by SARS).  Our services not only include preparing the objection/appeal and submitting same to SARS but also ensuring active management of the objection/appeal process to bring it to an expedient conclusion.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Taking a dispute with SARS to court is a lengthy and expensive process which most taxpayers wish to avoid.  The ADR process is a less formal, adversarial and expensive procedure to resolve disputes.  The process is driven by a facilitator and involves an informal meeting where you can state your case.  We assist clients throughout the process, including preparing the case and representing the client at the ADR meeting and in subsequent negotiations.

Negotiating Dispute Settlements

SARS may agree to settle on an amount less than the actual disputed tax liability in given circumstances.  However, in order to arrive at such settlement requires involved negotiations and meeting specific requirements.  We can advise clients on the appropriate process for specific circumstances and assist in negotiations with SARS in relation to reaching an acceptable settlement.

Voluntary disclosure program (VDP)

Taxpayers have the opportunity to disclose tax defaults to SARS in order to regularise their tax affairs. If a taxpayer qualifies for the VDP, SARS will not levy additional tax and certain penalties. We have already successfully assisted clients to determine whether they qualify for the VDP and submitted VDP applications on their behalf and hence can assist you in using the VDP to your best advantage.