Intellifin - Tax Planning

Corporate Tax planning

‘Prudent financial managers are continuously looking at ways to reduce a company’s tax liability whilst still complying with the Tax Act. Partnering with a tax consultant is an effective way to ensure that the tax function of a company is managed optimally. Intellifin strives to build strong and lasting relationships with clients as we believe that service responsiveness, quality service, mutual trust and an in-depth understanding of clients’ business operations are characteristics of successful tax consulting services.’

We consult on a wide array of tax areas, including:

  • Corporate income tax (including STC)
  • International tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • VAT
  • Securities Transfer Tax
  • Donations tax

Our tax consulting services include:

  • General tax planning
  • Identifying the most tax efficient course of action
  • Detailed tax opinions on a specific course of action
  • Interpretational assistance in relation to all tax legislation